Sleep? What the Hell Is Sleep?

I don't even know what sleep is any more.  I only get like 2 good hours of sleep a night if I'm lucky.  I even take several sleeping agents to help me sleep.  But they still don't work like I would like them too.  I'm at my whits end, I need to get sleep.  My body is so woarn down from not getting good sleep.  I have lost over 20 lbs in the past month, I have no appitite any more, on top of the no sleep.  I have tried all types of sleepin agents.  I don't know if there is anyother type of sleeping pills sout there that I can try any more.  I need something, it is starting to affect everything that I do, even my job.  And I can't let it take me over.

If anyone out here knows of any way to help me sleep better at night, please send me some ideas.  It would be greatly appriciated.

laidbackcat28 laidbackcat28
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 29, 2007

Smoke some weed. It really does help, although it may seem like bad advice. It also gives life more fun, but you don't have to do that.<br />
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