I Catch My Zzzzzz's


I drink tea which I dare say I will never give up

 I get by on 3-4 hours of sleep at night, a 30 min. siesta about 2pm if happen to be at home/

Or as some call it "Power Nap"


At times I avoid sleep because get irrational phobia, PTSD - Night Fears.

I can't believe it myself! I can be afraid of going to sleep; afraid of nightmares what have you


give me anything I'll give you an excuse why I have a phobia of it.

I've improved 1000% used to be I was afraid of computers.


Occasionally take Ambien.  Often catch up on sleep --

with 10hours in one day out of a two week period.


Its seasonal - particularly difficult atm -

as February - May is "Happy Trauma-versary"


I have to be careful lurking around on EP when I'm tired - I start to disassociate


when I see too many streaming headlines.


Dissociation is a PTSD symptom basically means take a rain check on reality and put brain on hold.


Stimulating effect of sharing diverse stories from upheaval to hilarity to bliss, etc.


it effects me.  I sleep I wake up and I wonder what song can I put on my blog?





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7 Responses Apr 16, 2009

nighttime sleep aid can help, wont fix anything but is definitely helps you sleep , chamomile tea makes u feel sleepy so at night maybe u can drink that if ud ont already

You don't need to suffer, there's lots of different little things you can do to cure insomnia and they don't involve taking drugs. Having a massage, listening to chill out music and cutting out caffeine are a few of the things you can do.<br />
<br />
You could go and see a doctor about it but they would probably just prescribe drugs. Drinking warm milk before you go to bed or avoiding doing activities that involve high levels of concentration.<br />
<br />
There's much more information on insomnia on<br />

ther was a tim efor me that I was happy on only 3-4 hours sleep a night. Now I think I sleep to much and turned lazy. when I slept only 4 hours I could wake up and still have my inspiration and lots of energy. if I sleep eight hours than It takes 18-20 hours to achieve my mental clarity again. I want to go back to the old 3/4 anight. No speed, no drugs just hardcore 4 hours of rest. I suffer from PTSD as well but not when I sleep less. After five hours into my sleep I start on a long painful trip of bad dreams for 3 hours. If any body relates or can put a legitimate tag on this affliction might be please holler.<br />
I am soon entering a sleep study, not a paid gig but actually for the purpose of figuring out whats going on or maybe whats not goingon that should be. I dont drink alcohol anymore, drugs not too often. Just think, make art and browse the web. Total existential crises that of course has turned into some kinda new and diffferent reality.<br />
Living between worlds<br />
If anybody is into astrology I am a sagitarius with libra rising and my elements are water,air and lots of fire- no earth, also jupiter is in the same house as the sun.<br />
I think so much aboout incarnation and past lives and my favorite way to transcend is by listening to KISS really loud! Scared to leave the house sometimesweird and fun??!!<br />
talk back people.<br />

I've been taking trazadone for 2 yrs and it works great for me. It works better than Ambien and it's alot cheaper.

I have had it since I was a child. Don't know why. I take Lunesta which doesn't seem to really be working for me. It gives you such a horrible taste in your mouth that that alone keeps you awake. There has to be some kind of help for insomniacs..... it's aweful...

me too. its weird, like I try to sleep then my body shakes and wakes myself up.. it ****** me off actually.. I wish I did have some ambien.

i have insomnia also. its tough sometimes!