Yay I Am Up Again

I have alot of trouble sleeping mostly because my body doesn't shut off, well more likely my brain and then when I do go to bed I am up again a couple hours later. I was doing really well with a combonation of lunesta and clonipin don't know if I spelled that right. I just am becoming used to the drugs so now I am up again and frankly I dont' know what to do. I am running out of ideas any suggestions
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i am 61 yrs old and taking medicatiions for a number of illnesses.i have never be able to sleep more and well till i started meditating lately.because of the amount of stress and toxins in our body we need meditation to calm down and also rid off toxins.best of all re-energies ourselves.i am able to sleep now.go to the internet to check out.dont have to go for classes.

Read my cure on how to treat it, trust me iv been to hell and back and i know what works

EEEEEK .. why do all the above posts have a medication method ... <br />
<br />
I was a chronic insomniac for about 10 years .. got really bad 4 years ago ... I tried every drug known to man that had ANY sedative effect .. they all worked for a while but I became immune to them .. and of course the side effects from the increased dosages got worse.<br />
Doctors 'trained' me to achieve better sleep hygiene (all the golden rules you must try to adhere to to get regular sleep) .. Didn't help at the time ... then in desperation I went to a sleep clinic ... spent 8 sessions learning more about sleep cycles than I ever knew existed and got assistance and support to impliment the (what is in hindsight so much common sense) sleep strategies. <br />
I guess what I'm saying is go see a sleep specialist not your local GP .. my regular Doc is still pissed because they solved what he couldn't.<br />
I even got given a diagnosis Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome :-) .. I'm so proud of it .. I can roll it out any time I feel too tired to bother ... most of know how to sleep ... we just forgot ...

Lavender oil, used on kids to make them feel calm and sleepy. Put some on after you take a hot shower and hour before you go to bed. That will calm you down. Yes the tea also helps. Plus on a regular basis do treat yourself to a good massage. They a line your body back to what so much abuse and lack of sleep you have not been getting. The nerves are total shot that's why your brain is up all the time at weird hours. And drink milk, it keeps your body in tune to what the sun does by building up calcium in your body. Without proper diet you will not sleep. I will not take drugs to help me sleep and these do wonders to the body..

Seraquel ...300 mg but i suggust only 50 mg starting out

Have you tried herbal remedies? I have trouble sleeping because my brain won't shut up. A friend of mine turned out to be into Wicca and she gave me some skullcap. I put it in with my chamomile tea and it knocked me right out. I think Tazo makes a sleepytime herbal tea blend (I recommend using honey as a sweetener) but they're kinda expensive. My body builds up an immunity to chemicals fairly quickly, but doesn't do the same with the herbs.

i too have alot of trouble sleeping. its like when i lay down my mind is still running like 100 mph thinking about bills and what i gotta do the next day. like it duznt wanna shut off. all the doctor ever tells me is im too young (22) to be taking pills. so i just take over the counter benadryl. like 3 of hem and that usually does it. i dont take them every night though. dont wana gain a tolerance for it. if you check out them time, i didnt take it tonight. lol

Hi there. I've been struggling with insomnia almost my entire life. I've tried every drug, with only limited success. What has worked the best for me is: I found the two medications that worked best for me, then I rotated them, never taking the same med more than two nights in a row. This way my body didn't build up the tolerance it normally would. Hope this helps. Otherwise, always keep a good book by your bed -and your computer.

Have you tried Ambien or Temazepam yet? Sometimes your body gets used the the meds that they stopped working. Better yet, you might want to tell your primary that Seroquel maybe the drug that they can try on you. It helps with sleep and your mind will rest at the same time. Just FYI, when I took it, I slept too much and I was taking the lowest dose. Like you, I still have insomnia now and then. I learned that taking an ambien on a empty tummy can help me get to sleep faster. But who knows, as you can see, I am still up right now...

Hi, I have alot of problems with sleep myself. Now I'm on a **** load of drugs to help me sleep. I will share my list with you. Klonopin 2mg, Somnote 500mg (up to 2 pills), Zanaflex 2mg (up to 2 pills), Flexiral 5mg (when I need it). Sometimes I still can't sleep on all this. Its a ***** and I know what you are goin through. Maybe ask your doc to up you klonopin or something. I also suffer from nasty migraines, lupus and RA so I'm on a ton of other meds also, and some of them make me sleepy too. I have to give myself shots too somedays, and the shots I give myself really knock me out, but its some strong stuff. If you ever need someone to talk to you can come to me. I'm always here to listen. if you have yahoo IM hit me up at synth222001, I'm usally on alot when I'm not at work. so feel free to add me so we can chat.