Oh, I Sleep ... Just Not This Week, Maybe Next Week ...

Well lets see, how does one say that one simply does not sleep? I have a rather severe case of insomnia dating back to a series of traumatic head injuries (the doctor-speak they give me for concussions) I sustained in close proximity a few years ago.

Who thought much about the first two? Nobody. Sports racked me up one in the early summer, got one playing for my football (american btw, with lots of collisions) team. Neither were a big deal. The next spring though I managed to get another small one, still not a big deal as I had healed fully each time previously before doing anything I shouldn't. Unfortunately I was given little choice when something was thrown at the back of my turned head 4 days later ... or so the story goes, I don't remember any of the day it happened before waking up on the ground unable to stand up or form words on my own with a massive headache and my teammates concernedly around me.

For me, the insomnia following that was terrible, and I'm now told, likely chronic. If anyone has heard the news stories about NE Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson ... well that happens to high school students too. I take many of the same medications he apparently takes (including the one he admittedly abuses) for the same reasons. Hell, I've even developed the same odd sleep disorder (there is a name, nobody has ever heard of it, don't worry) he has were the insomnia is broken perhaps once every one or two months with two weeks of sleep invariably more than 20 hours a day. I've been studied, and still, my 20 hours that day has the "restorative value" of what some average person would get in 45 minutes. Quite odd.

Mostly though ... I don't sleep. It's not that I choose not to, I can't. If I don't put myself in bed, I'll rarely realize I'm tired (and won't anyway despite prodigious amounts of sleep medicine), and generally won't even start to drag for more than 30-35 hours since I last slept.

For those whom it might interest, I'll provide this as an odd way to find humor in this, for I assure you it exists: I have gone over 85 hours straight without sleeping, slept for over 36 hours straight, gone a week with only 95 minutes of sleep, and gone a week with over 150 hours of sleep. I laugh about it too, so feel free.
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Sounds pretty familiar to me...is kinda funny at times...although it generally just sucks.

Well one, ouch. Two, that is a little funny. Sucks, kind of scary, but it is funny. Like an Oren Peli film, haha. Man, sleeping 36 hours straight? What even kind of dream would last that long?

thats relli interesting. i only sleep like an hour a night n so far nuthin for three days. im not even tired

I was not aware that concussions can cause sleep issues! You've completely shed some light on my sleep problems. I have sustained 6 concussions (2 untreated) in my life and never made the connection. Granted, they weren't back-to-back like yours but that many hits to head probably has caused some damage. It could also be the clue to problems with my short-term memory! Thanks!