I Have Problems Sleeping Fr...

I have problems sleeping from time to time. I don't like sleeping pills because they can lead you to become dependent on them. Also I believe that my dreams are what sometimes keep me from going to sleep. I've tryed watching comedy or family related movies to get my mind relaxed even reading books but that still doesn't account for the strange dreams I have. For instance one dream I had I met a girl named Lisa lawson I don't even know anyone by that name where I live but she came to me in a dream and she was riding in her car and the next I know I was in the car with her and what's so strange about this, even though we were riding together she was talking to me on her cell and she gave me her number and was trying to tell me something about herself but there was to much static. Then when I told her I can't hear you well she gave me her number. I told my mom about this dream she said maybe if you play those numbers in the lottery that number might come up well I don't play numbers and sure enough those same numbers came out but they were in a different combination just an example some of my numbers were 702 the lottery played 072 but still these kind of dreams and more come to me from time to time.

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Maybe you dreams are trying to tell you something. I take sleeping aids sometimes and they don't get me addicted. I only use them if I have an event the next day that requires a lot of energy. Look at some of the same types of post as your with troubled sleep. I put down a site on one of theres but can't find it again. Here is one anyway:<br />
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