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Why do so many people have insomnia? Maybe we were meant to sleep during the day : ) 

RitJaCa RitJaCa 51-55, F 4 Responses Oct 25, 2009

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I also think the most common readons for insomnia are the inability to clear our minds from the clutter of the day. I lay down and sometimes my mind is spinning like a dog chasing it's tail. An those days. I take something to relax me and sleep comes quickly.

like a Tiger chasing his tail.... it is vicious.... help us God : )

Your probably both right. It can also be an issue of finding the sleep cycle you are most comfortable with. I have a job working 10am to 7pm, sleep 1am to 9am most times and don't have near as many issues with insomnia as I used to

You are probably right I bet 200 yrs ago when life wasn't so hectic, Insomnia wasn't a big problem.

It was written about back then too....advice I read in a hundred year old book, get lots of sun and don't take naps, but the book also advises drinking kerosene for other problems......I take Nyquil and pray....

i think some people have it because their heads are too full: worries, desires, planning, emotional thoughts.<br />
once i read somewhere that the preparation for sleep starts during the day with what is put into your mind. makes sense somehow.