The Stupid Sh*t That Keeps Me Awake

Last week I did great with sleeping like a normal person. I managed to go to sleep at midnight every night and woke up by at 8am every morning and then last night I have no idea what happened. I laid in bed until 2am when I decided I absolutely needed to make a list of comics that I was gonna buy the next day which took an hour. Then at 4:44am I decided to get out of bed again because it was essential for me to make a top 20 list of 'book titles that make want to date the writer' because if I didn't write the list I'd just think about it for the rest of the night. By 6:30 am I gave up and got out of the house to take a walk for the next couple of hours.  I'd have to babysit all day today then head to class anyway.  Still haven't slept yet and i'm hoping I can get some rest in tonight because I find once I go a full 24 hours with no sleep my body decides it's just gonna stay awake for the next 2-3 days. ****.

awesomechica awesomechica
22-25, F
Feb 8, 2010