How Long Have You Been Awake??

my parents always said from the time i was born i just would not sleep. i always remembered waiting for the day to arrive and dreaded it at the same time cause everyone else would be fresh and ready for the day. as a small child like others i had a bunk bed but to keep myself occupied while the rest of the family were snoozing i used to to pick off the dried paint drops of the ceiling as time passed i used to conserve those drops cause was running out as the nights ticked passed that's when i remember the long nights beginning. Mam and dad didn't ask if i'd my homework done cause they knew i'd do it when most of planet was sleeping. I was a always late as teenager for school the tossing and turning got to me amongst other things. now that i have my own child i have to be up when she wakes no matter what time. But seriously if i wake at 8 after 4 hours sleep i still can't sleep earlier than 3 or 4 may sound early but when you have a 21month old its hardcore at times

stillawake86 stillawake86
22-25, F
Feb 10, 2010