An Awful Combo

I have a more sporadic case of insomnia that comes and goes without warning. While I've never been able to go past 26 hours without sleep, I do have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I'm a horrifically light sleeper that even the slightest click wakes me up, and I don't even wake up groggy most of the time. I'm just suddenly wide awake. What really bites? When my insomnia leaves, I get the exact opposite and become almost narcoleptic, falling asleep anywhere and everywhere, and becoming able to sleep for 14 hours at a time. It's like my body doesn't want to find a happy medium.


I've gotten better over the years, and now that I work a steady job, I've managed to eek out enough sleep to run on, in some strange manner. The odd thing is that my body greatly dislikes schedules. I seem able to sleep better when I have no time blocks to stick to. I've learned to try and cope with being such a feather light sleeper by conditioning myself to ignore certain noises. I can now ignore air conditioners and heaters, and dogs barking, and the ambient hum of my computer. That's about the extent of it, unless I've finally crashed from exhaustion.


Thinking about it, my issue is probably stress induced, but that aside, yeah, that's my bit with my insomnia demons.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I looked at MusicMouse's blog. Two at the top of his list work for me - valerian and melatonin and both can be bought cheaply at x-mart. I like kava too, but there is more crappy kava around than good. Of the ordinary relaxing herbs that are often used as teas skullcap is one of the more potent ones.