I Have Synesthesia

I know this doesn't go with insomnia, but, whoever knows or has this condition, let me explain to others that don't. Synesthesia is a condition that your sences are coupled. It's a kind of rare condition but, looks like I have it. There are many symptoms following up to this. They can include: hearing smell, tasting music, feeling smell, and more. But I see colors in music, words, months, and years. That means I can see the letter A in red, the letter G in green, and so on. I also see, like I said, months, years and weeks in color too. I've had this since i was a baby,and it hadn't bothered me at all! I finally found this out today. It is not harmful, and there is no pain. Thanks for reading this and I hope I'd informed you. If you ever have this symptom, don't panic. It's fine. You don't feel or experiment any pain. It's just a very colorful condition!

wolfhowler78 wolfhowler78
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

actually it iz a very very cool condition ya and... sumtimz i hear images. the things that r very cool r that i can c music in all different colors in my mind, even tho the music print is black and white, seeing a 3D world around me in my head, of months, years, and days, and colors in months, years, weeks and days. sum people cant even see the # 3 in blue color in their head! and im like wow. another thing is, i can hear color and taste it!. very cool and i didnt even no that this condition even existed! but yah

I find this very condition very fascinating.... Do you hear images?