Sleep Is For The Weak! ...or Those Who Can Actually Acomplish It.

I have insomia, like thousands of others out there and like so many in this very group. My reasoning behind my 'condition'? Genetics (Mom and dad both have insomia)! That and...bad sleep habits perhaps, and maybe a mind that likes to think just a little too much? Either way I'm sure everyone here can agree: insomia (when it hits)  fudging sucks, especially when you have to offcially be up at five/six am for a wonderfully long nine hour shift at work. One of two things happen: you don't sleep at all, or you (if you can actually manage to) sleep a few measley hours. Personally, I think the not sleeping at all leaves me in a better mental state then the ravished joy of brief peacefullness destroyed by a blaring (and annoying) alarm clock awaking you to unwanted obligations.


Is it just me, or can you know in the growing hours of night whether this 'episode' of insomia you feel creeping on is going to be weak or full-blown? For me, it's like a restlessness, an anxiety almost. I feel like I have a thousand things to do and never enough time to do it (even if it's not true and I actually have a clear schedual for the day). I would go as far as to describe it as a mental itch, one annoyingly located in a spot where the salvation of your metaphoric fingers can't scratch. You go through that wonderful phase where you delusion yourself that maybe if you just concentrate hard enough, sleep will claim you? I've caught myself even doing that stupid counting sheep jumping over a railing game, and reach the sad number of one thousand before I got too frusterated to continue! It is at this stage you realize with horror that the lovely insomia you've so nicely aquired is here to stay, like that 'friend' you secretely hate who calls and talks for hours about nothing and you're just too polite to hang up the phone. Eventually though, the battery runs dry and hangs up for you if you wait paitently enough.

KibblesNBits KibblesNBits
26-30, F
Feb 22, 2010