Cant Sleep Without Pills!

I have had insomnia for about all of my life. I cant sleep unless I am heavily medicated. I get stuff on the black market because over the counter stuff wont do! My husband is the complete opposite and goes to sleep at 8:00PM each night. I look in envy at homeless people who fall asleep on the sidewalk in the middle of the day .How I wish I could sleep normally
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Hi,have you seen your Doctor with this problem,I know it is a stupid question,you must have.My Doctor was not very accommodating when I first raised the issue of Insomnia with him,he did give me a two weeks supply of medication with the warning there would be no more for me after those.
Insomnia as you know is a horrible condition,my mind races when it should be shutting down for sleep.Thankfully that same Doctor has done everything he could think of to fix my problem,alas nothing has worked,however he has made it possible for me to have sleeping pills when I want them.
I try not to use them very often for they will not work if tolerance develops so they are a last resort for me.I think it is now time for me to switch medication for my current pills do not work as much as they once did.
Interestingly I have seen you go onto the "black market" for some sleep relief,can you either answer here or by PM please what works for you.Maybe it is something my Doctor could prescribe for me.It would be wonderful to be rid of all these sleepless nights.
Best wishes. :-)

I also have insomnia. My episodes started about five years ago, after a weird shoulder injury. It is hard to turn my mind off. A lot of people do not like Ambien but I have found it to be very helpful. I can not sleep without it. I too wish I could sleep normally.

I Can't sleep without drugs either. I take trazadone. It helps me sleep. Still it feels like an artificial sleep.

Good luck with 5-HTP.

Thanx, do you think it would interfere with trazadone?

I just now saw this reply. I don't really know. You might want to try 5-HTP instead of that. You can research interactions. 5-HTP helps you make more serotonin, which is better than the manipulating approach of drugs.

Try 5-HTP. Because it's a natural product rather than a drug, few MDs will recommend it. 5-HTP is a substance the human body synthesizes from the tryptophan fraction of protein. 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin, and serotonin is the precursor to the sleep hormone known as melatonin. 5-HTP works bettter for me than pills of melatonin itself. The amount needed for sleep varies drastically between individuals. Since sleep became more difficult after injuries earlier this year, I had to go up to 1450mg in divided doses per night. Most people can probably find success with far smaller doses than that.

Where do you buy that?

Anywhere that vitamins are sold. However my late pastor and I both got queasy stomach from the Natrol brand 5-HTP. Other brands have not given me that. I use Swanson.

My suggestions for you dear...<br />
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Please avoid consuming sleep pills .... Touch me I'll explain an alternative for you...

I know where you are coming from I am a pill bottle to sleep etc

I know my mind is over active at night...wish there was an óff' switch to the brain.

Exactly my problem as well.

I do not envy anyone who can not get a goodnight sleep. It's the essence of wellbeing.<br />
I couldn't sleep becouse of a crisis for 5 weeks, it nearly killed me. I went to hospital after all medication failed and there they knocked me out. Thank god cos my thoughts were becoming very scary. After that the doctor prescribed me avanza, an anti anxiety drug which inturn helps with depression. Since then Ive slept well and am eating well now to. I am lucky though, I would hate for there to be no answer or fix. I hope all of you can one day find a cure, as 5 weeks was enough for me, enough to understand what it must be like for those that live with it for a lifetime.

have you ever tried a herbal preparation called "kalms"? also if it is possible...sleep naked!

I have dreams about being naked in pubic or at work if i sleep naked.

I've had the same sort of dreams too. But strangely, i am not bothered, nor are my friends!

Same here. My problem started 10 years ago. I am on Imovane (sleeping pill) sometimes I can get some sleep with just half a pill.

I have suffered from insomnia my entire life. Along with night terrors and extreme nightmares. I use benadryl to try to sleep but it only works for an hour to two at best. It does really suck, since I also have diabetes and you are supposed to get good sleep to help it.

me too, ambien actually works and I sleep for about 4 hours. If I add 20 mg of benedryl I will sleep about 6. I feel like the pills saved my life because I was on the brink with no sleep. Still wish I could sleep without help.

I am the same way! Nothing OTC works for me either. Hubby has gotten used to me being up all night,. It really does suck!