Another Early Write Up To Keep Me Going...

I used to hate writing things down but now i just cant stop expressing the things that are on my mind and believe it or not its helping me alot,as i find it hard telling people things its alot better to do it like this and it keeps my mind active and my mind off the H.O A group who are stuck on doing what ever it takes to show and prove to me how much they love no sorry i mean hate me!I am loving the fact people are putting their heads together to come up with ways and means of sorting me out,but i guess that's the way things go with the way the world is today so much pain so much bitterness and envy and a need to be heard and known for any thing to get this group noticed even more so.I have found strength by expressing how i feel through the project and it is doing me the world of good so if you cant sleep and have alot on your mind and you need to keep alert then join in and tell the world whats bugging you or what ever comes to mind no need for a councilor do it yourself......

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

if you have insomnia, just keep still, shut up, and go to bloody sleep and let the rest of us do the same<br />