To Sleep Perchance To Dream

Well dreams are actually a lot of my problem!  Bad ones I have suffered from my entire life.  As a child I suffered from constant night terrors which only grew worse as a teenager.  In the morning I would be bruised and tired, from thrashing around and falling out of bed.  This has continued into adulthood as well but as I have gotten older the terrors have at least pretty well stopped.  I still have nightmares.  I have trouble sleeping at night, and usually wait until daylight to fall asleep.  It's a real problem in the summer because I am a breakfast chef and need to be at work by 5:30am!  I have tried sleeping pills, benadryl, prescriptions like lunesta.  Nothing helps for long.  So I sleep when I can, and in this way I can usually get at least a few hours at a time. 

treehugger1962 treehugger1962
46-50, F
Mar 7, 2010