Sleepless Nights

10 years ago I've been diagnosed with depression and I've been on anti-depressant and sleeping pills on and off.  On those sleepless nights I keep having memories of bitterness in life.  Unable to shake off in my head at all.

I've been married for a long time and only found out 10 years ago that my husband had been using prostitutes the whole time.  On top of this he has had two affairs, one lasted 6-7 years and the second one lasted 2 years.  

Even though he has cut off from these women now but I just cannot deal with the cruel fact that I've married someone like him.

I am struggling with depression everyday. Been seeing a psychiatrist but all he does is prescribe medications.  Been burdening my kids with my sadness. Don't know what to do.  Feel very trapped. 

Not considering divorce because of financial reason. Not an option for me.

Adevastatedsoul Adevastatedsoul
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

thanks overthinker80.

I feel exactly like you!! trapped and depressed and feeling bad about the kids....i am drugged up on meds and they dont work. Im sorry about your jerk husband....hang in there it always gets better