Nerves On Fire When Trying To Sleep!!

I'm 29 years old and just joined this forum an hour ago. I have a great job and great wife. I had a lot of stress in work for a while, and thought it was triggering my insomnia, but here I am on vacation and am having serious issues with sleep. I'm not on any prescription meds, but take over the counter sleep aids. The problem I have is not my mind going a million miles per hour, but that my body literally sets on fire when I try to sleep and have these "attacks". I will get into bed, and either right away, or after an hour or two, all of the nerves in my body feel like they are on fire. I have tried natural remedies too, but when I get an insomnia attack, almost nothing I can do will stop it until it passes. Sometimes I get nauseated too and have to vomit. It literally makes me ill.  It's odd because I can lie in bed fine watching a movie and feel normal....but the same thing when I try to sleep and I end up getting literally sick. This is the 3rd night in a row that I have had this attack. Does anyone else have experiences like this?

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Thanks for the comment. Usually once I get to sleep, I'm ok. It seems to only kick in when I try to fall asleep. I am wondering if it is some form of psychological fear attack of sleeping that makes me ill? I take the sleep aids "simply sleep" and " melatonin", but these don't help. Occassionally a hot bath will help, but not consistently. Yeah, I plan to see a sleep specialist for some advice.

i never heard of that, thats terrible . i would suggest u go to the doctor about this, if u havent tried nightime sleep aids u could give that a try, but definitely go to a doctor . from what i've heard, when you have a pinched nerve it feels like its on fire. never heard of waking up cuz of ur nerves feel like they're on fire