Away From It All

Well when i do sleep its nice to switch off from all the dramas of every day life,at present i just cant shake off the people who only want to push me over the edge due to my break down and its hard but its become second nature as every day the group of people who are stuck on me along with many others to close my eyes and know these people who only have me on their mind have become part of my problem even thou i have always had aproblem with sleep,but due to all the problems i keep to myself and the experinces i have had most nights these so much going on in my head that it keeps my brain going so when i do want to sleep i cant,cause my body will not let me when my body gives up then i find the chance to sleep as just lately i am sleeping during the day like i used to but agian this group has now made it clear that i will not sleep even when my body lets me,so this is now going to be another trial for me to face ...........

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Mar 8, 2010