i have been suffering with insomnia for over seven years now.Oh to go to bed and shut your eyes and fall off into a natural sleep now is so alien to me.I have worked shift hours for 23 years non stop,that is working earlies 6am x 2pm 2pmx10pm and nights 10pmx6am.This continuous change in working hours has caused havoc on my sleeping and hence i am tired most of the time.My Doctor has helped me with sleeping pills however you cant use them all the time because their effect would wear off.I know there are millions out there just like me so there is no point going on and on-lets just say to anyone who reads this I do understand and its dreadful.

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phatnhapi,yes thank you,I am aware of the reputed benefits of lavender and I grow it in our garden for both it's beauty and it's perfume.It makes wonderful pot pourri,we have it in the bathroom.As for its medicinal effects I am afraid I am a hopeless case when it comes to sleep problems,insomnia has haunted me for many years,I have tried lavender and had extremely limited success.I believe if I were to keep it in the bedroom any beneficial effects would soon diminish as the body soon adapts to new chemicals.I do try a small pot pourri bag under the pillowcase from time to time when I am going through a prolonged period of no sleep and I have had some success.Thank you for caring to suggest such a remedy.

you're welcome garvan honey. Anything i can think of .. i will pass it along. I glad at least it works sometimes for you. It does smell heavenly and at least you can enjoy the scent since it is fresh and growing in your garden. That is wonnnderful :) xox

I have a book - Earl Mindell's Herb bible. page 110 - Lavander - you can rub some lavendar oil into your temples or place some of the oil on the light bulb in your room and the scent will make you relaxed and help you to sleep. I love the smell of lavendar and i hope that will help you sleep :) hums you a lulllaby :) xox

Please do share more.

I'm not sure if there's any data to back this up (but I think there very likely is), but personally, I've found that once I had established a regular meditation practice, I started sleeping very well -- my thoughts no longer plagued me to keep me awake!

Sounds like you too have it bad.!

Thanks,however I am growing stronger all the time,the improvement over the last year hasbeen immense.

Do look into it.

I have heard of the name through seeing the professionals re my depression,I will look into this,thank you for your comment.

Melatonin is a natural substance that our brain releases to allow us to go to sleep.<br />
You may not be releasing enough to allow that.<br />
You can buy it in a drug store or health food store.<br />
Take the correct dosage about 30 minutes before bedtime<br />
let me know if it works for you

I manage to pass out with chugging 2 glasses of red wine... Recently, I started taking B12 for energy, and I have found that I have slept through the night twice. Try it, maybe it will work... I am taking a lot of B12...

How much?