Insomina So Bad That You Think Your Lossing Your Mind

I'm a 31 year old who is deals with chroinc insomina. I"m so afraid of going insane from it. There is nights when I cant get to sleep at all. Even when taking trazdone. Thats so scary to me. I have been to the doctor they just tell me its anxiety. I'm on zoloft but i'm still having trouble getting any sleep. My body fells really hyper. I dont know how I function. Has anyone ever experience insomina to the point whre you couldnt sleep no matter what you try or do? Even sleep aides dont work. I would like to hear from anyone who has gone threw what I'm going threw. Its so scary to me. I'm affraid I have Fatal familiar insomina. Please write me back. Thank you

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I can relate, my worst speel was 8 days with a total of 1 hour of sleep. It has caused panic and anxiety disorder, depersonalisation, and me to be a complete walking wreck. It has changed me as a person so much my best friend doesn't see me as the same person anymore. I can't walk my little brother and sister to school anymore because there are so many people around I feel really vunerable and I often actually fear for my life.<br />
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When your going through a perticularly bad spell, make sure you let your work know so you can take a few days off to at least try and catch up and relieve a bit of stress. Even just lying down on your bed with some quiet and relaxing music in the background or something, so long as your body gets some rest, and if you fel like you can, close your eyes, and just rest your eyes, no need to worry about falling asleep because you have no intension of doing this, just rest your eyes. It might help.<br />
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Good luck!

Sounds to me like anxiety is a big component of your problem. Is it all day long or just toward bedtime? I've experienced sleep-preventing hyper-anxiety. <br />
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Before bedtime, I take 100mg Seroquel , 700 mg 5-HTP, and 16 mg melatonin, in divided doses.<br />
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When you have really bad insomnia, you're likely to have shallow sleep that you don't perceive as sleep because you stir and it feels like you were awake all along. But if you weren't thinking all of that time, you weren't awake. The shallow sleep is better than no sleep at all. Also, when you're in the throes of it, you don't appreciate your body's ability to survive and continue to function on small amounts of sleep. No question about it, for long-term good physical health, you must have good sleep. But if you appreciate the body's ability to put up with a lot of punishment in terms of sleep deprivation in the present, it will reduce the tremendous anxiety you have about it. Talk to the best friends or relatives you have to unburden yourself. Know that the Lord Jesus loves you. I will say a prayer for your healing.

try sleeping with a Bible, it works for me. just believe it will help you and it will. when i cant sleep or try falling asleep, i sleep with a Bible and say a silent prayer in my heart and keep repeating it throughout the night even through nightmarish dreams, this works. i have went through something like this, but doing this it has always helped.