Words Of Love..

Sometimes they tumble, thick and fast, Telling stories ,or the past. Deep emotions,things I feel, some imagined, some are real.But when It comes to you they slow, Saying things for you to know.The words are slow , my heart is fast, the words I give to you must last. The words for you ,love their a gift,And so carefully I sift.....Words to say whats in my heart, Sometimes its very hard to start., They must be right , they must be real , to tell exactly how I feel. I must be careful ,what I say , To much I fear you 'll go away, Somethings stay hidden in my heart , and with those word,I will not part, no matter how the wind does blow , those are just for me to know.They are my gift to me you see, of how I want somethings to be, They will stay locked deep inside ,where part of you will always bide..
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Jan 18, 2013