Is It A Gift Or A Curse?

It was more of a wake up call than anything. "You have intense eyes". I wasn't sure as to whether I should take it as a compliment or an insult; suggesting that I was rather intimidating and hard to remain eye contact with... At the time, I just shrugged it off and moved on. Now, when I think about it- I should have questioned the person; asking them to elaborate on their comment...

I'll admit that I don't visually appear to be the most 'friendliest' of people to strike up a conversation with or even approach for a simple request. Honestly, its not as though I'm going to attack you or anything, unless provoked. But that's a different story. Was my appearance 'off putting'? Maybe this was the cause? I honestly don't know...

I specifically remember my friend telling me how much I intimidated her when she first met me 4 years ago. She was scared to talk to be, ask me anything, or even challenge me on anything; even when she knew I was wrong or she had the right to voice her opinion.
More so, I went and asked for a second opinion of the subject. They came to the conclusion its because I glare and scowl at people (I don't have any evidence to to support this theory, cause I don't wish to look vain carrying a mirror everywhere just to keep an eye on my facial expression. And even still, when you look at yourself in the mirror you don't see what other people see- plus your facial expression changes, etc. On the other hand, I know 1 person who looks me right in the eye whenever we talk during Chemistry- and then sometimes, she'll just stare at my eyes. I don't know if we're having a staring competition or what, but that's completely uncalled for!

Just recently, I've been doing some research about its supposed
'meaning'- but personally; I believe people want to think that having intense eyes is a good thing, when in truth it isn't. The majority of the answers I've read have something to do with astrology. Its your choice as to whether or not you believe in this sort of stuff- But personally I do. There was the constant mention of the Scorpio Zodiac; for both the individuals Sun sign and their ascendant. I'm a Scorpio but I know other Scorpio's that don't have intense eyes... Another fact to take into account is eye colour. While I don't have bright blue, green or grey eyes- I don't have dark brown-black coloured eyes. They're more of a golden brown or amber colour, depending on the lighting or the type of eye make up I wear...

So to conclude (I seriously hate this word); having intense eyes is a gift or a curse (depending on your perception) that can be used to intimidate people, demonstrate to people that you mean business, can apparently attract certain people to you, cable of 'peering into peoples souls', judgement? or critical analyse and finally temporarily hypnosis.
Just remember this; The eyes are the windows to the soul~
Hope I didn't sound too weird :)
akira808 akira808
Jul 20, 2013