How I Cured My Ibs And Ic

Hey all,

I had very intense digestive and bladder pain for 6 years. I thought there was no hope for me. I would need to lay down for about 3 hours every day and it would feel excruciating. I would cry all of the time. It felt like hell and I was willing to do anything to solve the problem.

I started a diet called 80-10-10 about a year and half ago. This was after trying millions of different things - supplements, macrobiotic, raw, gluten-free, and whatnot and nothing worked. I was reluctant to try yet another thing but I just did it. And within a week I experience some of the greatest healing I had experienced up to that date. I was stunned.

It's been a year and half now that I've been doing it and I feel completely cured. I feel like I can go back to a conventional diet but I have no desire to... I feel like this one really loves me back, as a diet.

I would highly recommend giving this a try if you are just down and feel like there is no hope for you -- there IS HOPE! This is curable. Our bodies are adaptable and just want to function properly if you give them the chance.

Some other resources are and

Best of luck to everyone.
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I will look into this. I am new at researching about what all works for me. So Thank you!