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Hello! I was recently told by my urologist that all of my symptoms sound like IC. However I'm still a little confused by the diagnosis. I had a partial hysto. in September of '08 (uterus & cervix) b/c of bad pelvic pain. All was good until about December, and it seems as though everday has been a battle ever since to stay out of pain. I dont necessisarly have the urgency to go, but so much aggrivating constant pressure/pain in my pelvic area. The thing I worry about the most is that I have had every organ except my colon checked since all my tests began, and I swear that IC or IBS isn't all. I read somewhere that with IC is usually the presence of IBS, and there is normally a feeling of not being able to empty bowels all the way. doesn't stop there. I was wondering if many of you suffering with this condition also suffer from pains that radiate up into the mid-abdomen and back? Mine isn't always like that, but I would say 3-4 out of 7 days a week it's like that. Is this normal for IC or IBS ???? I also have a complex cyst on my right ovary and not sure what type of pain that can cause either, but doc said it is small. I don't know, I take vicoden everday for fibromyalgia, and IC, as well as vesicare and neurotin the uro. gave me. All i know is that I'm miserable and hope that these stymptoms are infact IC because I'm scared to death that I might have ovarian cancer and they haven't caught it. (Even though my ovaries looked good in September when they did the laproscope) Please...any insight to symptoms would be greatly appreciated, I'm soooo scared! No one understands.....

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Hi. I was diagnosed with IC and IBS as well and find myself having awful stomach and back cramps and pelvic pain so youre not alone! I have found that my symptoms are the worst when constipated which result in more painful cramps. I would recommend going on stool softners if you arent already and marking down when your last bm was. if you find yourself still constipated more than 3 days i would use an enema. The symptoms never totally go away, but its helped. A nice hot bath also helps me relax my muscles. Good luck.

I understand. I too have pain radiating into back, and supra-pubic pain too... I've just left my story labelled WHEN WILL THIS EVER END? I'm depleted, desperate myself but just wanted to reply to you saying 'nobody understands. ' I do, you poor love. It's not much to offer but it's all I have. <br />
Love, Magoosy.

I am sorry to hear that you go through so much pain and I know how you feel. I also have pain in the lower back area and I have went and had my rear examined too and there is nothing abnormal in that area. I think it is all from I.C but I am not a doctor. I also have a cyst on my right ovary an dit is small and the doctor says it shouldnt even cause any pain. I do wish you the best of luck.