Jumping Out Cars

When I'm in the car, I always think what it would be like to jump out of it while moving and I get the urge to do it. I usually think about stuff when I go to sleep, like making little stories in my head.. I'm not sure how to explain it.

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@fudgie2002: How often do you think about this? It could be a sign of being angry. You need to let the anger out, as long as you don't hurt anyone. It is just being angry, let someone know you are angry, don't be gentle with the anger. Say I am f'n angry. I am p****d off right now. Just tell them, For example I do it, then my mom would say go to Church, or talk to God. Either way, hurting yourself is dangerous or hurting others would put you in the slammer. Go throw a rock somewhere. Or get up and leave.

Hey fudgie, my car experiences were more like when I rounded a corner I would imagine the door flying open abd the opposing car crushing me. I've talked to people who have had the same feelings with jumping over the rails on escalators. It's all the same thing - anxiety symptoms. My main fears were the intrusive harm thought though - feeling these sensations like i was going to lose control and harm my duaghter. From there it spread to just about anything else that could scare me. And that's what's going on with you - your mind is distracting you by scaring the wits out of you. You probably have some things causing you anxiety. Some people take vacayions to get away, us with ocd tend to have a mind that escapes on its own by scaring us.<br />
Anyway, I consider myself recovered. No more fear. The odd thought floats through my head but it doesnt happen as much and the intensity is gone.<br />
I created a webpage for people with intrusive thoughts. I just couldn't find anything exclusive to intrusive thoughts online.<br />
it's at<br />
www.freeintrusivethoughtsocd.com<br />
Sign on and hear what i did to recover and hear more about natural ways to heal from anxiety - if you drink coffee - stop it!<br />
<br />

Omg.. I thought I was the only one.. I know how you feel.