Desperate House

I always had regular periods till I was 18 years old i become depressed at that age causing my periods to become irregular. Each year that passed that increasingly became very irregular .
At age 24 I met husband got married and was pregnant at age 26 .
I was so excited and looking forward to becoming a mom and he a dad.
22 weeks in my pregnancy I lost the baby. It was such a difficult time . After that experience my body became haywire my periods were so heavy bleeding with clots almost the entire month. I became the lady with the pad so frustrating . Always hoping it will become better day by day. I decided to seek medical help. Nothing was out of the ordinary with I did . Hopping from one obgyn to another nothing . I got tired of being poked. Then visit a fertility specialist who decided to give me hormonal drugs they kind normalized the heavy bleeding for acople months but lately I am missing my periods the longest I have gone so far is 2 months . I am 31 and the clock is ticking . I really want to have kids and I have tried the natural way but all in vain . Fertility treatments are so expensive but one thing for sure my husband is so patient and hopeful that if it happened once it wil happen again but I am so desperate to become a mom
Jolyjoe Jolyjoe
Sep 13, 2012