Irregular For So Many Years, But No More!

Hi, Just wanted to share my experience with anyone who has irregular periods, as it may help someone. I had irregular periods right from getting them at about 15 years old, until I was 38. I eventually found the cause of the problem when I gave up Gluten, my stomach pains made me try and isolate what was in my diet that was not agreeing with me, it turned out to be wheat, sadly as I love bread. But as I had to stop it, I did and my periods became regular almost immediately, and they have remained so over the last 6 years, even with having 2 babies. The doctors offered me no help in all the years I did try and see what was wrong with my cycle, but since I have found out it was the gluten and discussed it with them I find that it is a well know symptom of gluten intolerance. This is why I am writing this really, as I wish I had know all those years ago and been able to spare myself the hassle of irregularity not to mention the added problems from constantly consuming something that was damaging my health. I highly recommend that anyone try cutting out the gluten and see if it is that for them too.   

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I haven't got my period for almost 2 years!! i tried taking hormone pills and did acupuncture but....
and yes i loveeeee bread and I need them everyday!! It is so hard not to have them especially there are so many new cafe and bakeries in my country but i will try listening to your advise :)


I am past this age, but, I will pass this on to my daughter who has similar issues. Thanks.