I Hate It So Much!

I'm not scared to talk about this subject as the girls at work think my digestive system is fascinating n are always inquiring about it!


I have always had a bit of a phobia of going to public toilets for wee let alone a poo!!!

But that all had to change when i started work! one of the girls there told me my eating habits were for **** so my dare was to eat everything on the menu for the month!!!
That was some scary times as out were my burgers n chips etc n in was rice n pasta n mash n veg n fruit!

Before that i wouldn't touch vegetables! but after that i started to feel like **** all the time after eating! i went to the doctors n she told me straight away it sounded like IBS i hadn't a clue what it was but it was brought on by changing my diet so drastically!!!

So when my friend was trying to help my diet she ****** it up good n proper with now every time i eat i have to go to the toilet!

At first the doctor told me i had to re-train my bowels into a diet!!! i can eat everything i want to but have to have a bathroom very close!

The worse things i can eat are any diary products! one mouthful of milk makes me go running!

I have taken immodium but all that did was make me not have a poo for 2 weeks! my belly went bigger than my friend who at the time was 4 months pregnant!

I don't tell the doctor about it now as i know the tablets she gives me don't work as it goes the opposite way n than have to take something to make me go! in i know what foods effect me in certain ways so i have to be careful!

The thing that winds me up is that i should be like a twig after the amount of times i go to the toilet but I'm not! n its not fair!
n it has effected what i do on nights out as i cant go out for meals n then go out anymore without being in pain n total discomfort!
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yeah, how is it that we can use the bathroom so much and still not be skinny? It really isn't fair.<br />
<br />
have you read about celiac disease?

Definitely relate to the public toilet stuff. Thank God I work at home because I'm Still not used to using them. Luckily I had a therapist with IBS and she told me, "just flush the toilet as you go and it will help" and I started carrying room spray or perfume in my purse for the bathroom smell. It's horrible and embarrassing. Luckily I'm in remission but I know it's never gone for long.