Irritable Is Right!

I have had IBS since I was in high school. I utterly was miserable and couldn't go to school because I was always in the bathroom! I ended up dropping out and getting a GED because at the time, there was no name for IBS and nothing could cure it. I remember popping Imodium just to be able to go to school and then being so 'backed up' on the weekends that I was taking Laxatives. So it was back and forth the whole school year, screwing up my digestive system. A doctor caught it finally and tried me on Bentyl, which did nothing. Tried me on phenobarbital - nothing. The only thing that finally worked for it was Paxil 20 mg and amitriptyline 25 mg. This magic combination seemed to completely eliminate the symptoms and for the most part, I am in remission.  If I overeat in public, I feel gross and need to get home and still feel weird about public bathrooms, but I'm learning to cope and survive, slowly!
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2007

Unfortunately Zelnorm is more for constipation-predominant IBS and not for those that have the opposite. lol I wish it was!

These nothing really affective in australia , just have to put up with and keep your stress levels down and watch what you eat . Is the advise you get over here .

Have you tried Zelnorm? This 1 pill might cure the ills of your current 2 meds.