My Alcohol Issues Destroyed My Trust In Human Kind

Hi to everyone out there. My name is Joey heeclon. Im from a Sydney australia and live with my mum and step dad. For everyone out there battling with alcoholism and trusting people.

Believe me youre not alone. I started not trusting people when I became a teenager, you know what its like not fitting in at school and feeling rejected, so like many teens out there I started mixing with the wrong crowd and started experimenting with illicit drugs and alcohol.

My drug of choice was speed and for some strange reason this drug kept me going in life. I want everyone out there on drugs alcohol or ***** battling with deppression or mental illness, dont put yourself down because of it.

Its not your fault youve ended up like this. It only takes the wrong crowd. Hard times in life and mental breakdowns to trigger these effects.peace!

exdrugaddict exdrugaddict
Feb 14, 2009