So Little Motivation Its Scary.

I've been going to uni for about 2 and a bit years now doing a degree. It started all quite well, getting pretty good marks.

But now I can't be bothered going to class, it seems like too much effort, and don't care if I hand stuff in late. I give that little of a **** about my career path that it actually scares me. I have moments where I will say I will do stuff early, but I put it off and generally don't do anything anyone else would consider constructive.

I work part-time as well and hate that job. I hate the thought of having to go there. But then I think to myself, "remember that if you don't get your act together at uni you will end up here", and still it doesn't motivate me to succeed. Before I got into uni all I wanted to do was get in, and worked reasonably (not amazingly hard) hard to get in.

Could be depression, but I know from my study that I'm not majorly depressed. More in the middle somewhere and have been for some time. Not enough for a counselor to give a ****, and then not less enough to want to actually 'go somewhere in life'. Whatever that happens to mean.
brndn brndn
Aug 11, 2010