My sister of twenty years that once dated my biological brother from my mother is now married to my biological brother from my father.. Even tho my mothers son and I don't share the same father and my mothers son is now deceased and has been for twenty years this is kinda hard for me to accept.. I love my sister and my mom has taken her in as her daughter for all these years and we've grown together since her and I were children because she's not from our state and she didn't know she had family in our state until years later... My family has been her family and we've all grown to love each other as family her children are my niece and nephew no matter what.. We all love them and nobody can tell us were not family.. Well now my sister is dating and married to my fathers son after two weeks their in love and happy.. Now I love my sister and my brother with every being in my body but this is something that I can't accept right now it's very hard because I can't get my sister and my mothers son out of my mind because they were a couple twenty years ago before he was murdered... So it's hard for me to accept my sister of twenty years and my fathers son together as husband and wife.... Am I wrong for that somebody please hit me up and let me know your point of view..
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What the ****?


No seriously WTF? like, WTF? Are you from Kentucky or the Carolinas?