Honestly need help, mature experienced parents needed.

Here's the issue: My family lives with my in-laws for the time being, we are unable to leave at the moment so it is not a solution for us. The issue is my son who's 4yrs is having difficulty listening to his parents. He wants to do what he wants. I try discipline but it gets undermined by the grandparents. They try to soothe him with stuff or they mock what I'm saying. They just don't seem to get that they are spoiling my child. All they want is to spend time with him but it's at inconvenient times, such as breaksfast time, dinnertime and study time. They aren't exactly taking him away asking him to spend time, but they aren't proactive about helping him understand that he needs permission to spend time with them. Anyways I feel like the disciplinarian because everyone takes all the fun activities while I get stuck with chores and boring studies. My son avoids me now and wants to spend time away and I feel like I'm losing him. Worst thing I'm not enjoying study time either. I don't know how to make it fun. I don't know if I should make him seek permission to visit them and have family time and work around times he spends with me ( very little). I just can't figure this out. Meanwhile when I try to force him to be with me he's so upset he won't focus on work and cries a lot! Help!
Emojinoid Emojinoid
36-40, F
Aug 20, 2014