I really wanna help my grandparents but I feel apprehensive. I want them to move in with me they are in their eighties and I feel their current life situation is neglectful. I'm almost 80% positive they will say "no" out of pride and the shock of leaving a house they've lived in for almost 40 years. Another issue is that I haven't the funds to fix their current home and no way to visit often enough to ensure their safety. I don't want to see my grandparents end up in a convalesce home.

I'm pretty confident I could care for them until the very end if they lived with me. Another obstacle is that my aunt lives with them and she's in need of care too. She's in her late sixties and mentally not all there. In order to take care of all of them and my kids I'd need a house with at least 6 rooms. My aunt could help pay for this but she's grossly frugal and hoarderish. Is that even a word "hoarderish". Anyway, it all seems like a lost cause. Yet still it's tearing me up inside. If I had the housing I would've brought this up to them already. But I feel none of them are going take me seriously without some plan already in formation. I really miss them and would like to live as a family with them and see them comfortable. So here I sit wringing hands in frustration and pain.
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Update... I brought my feelings to the table with Gma and although she was touched she said she wasn't ready to move just yet. I wanna feel hopeful that she didn't just say no, but I really feel like she's just being nice. I wish I could get through to her how I feel. Because of the career I currently occupy I'd make a perfect in home caregiver. I already lost a LOT of family these past three years. I want my folks to be comfy, not living in some grimy old house. I don't want a phone call that my Gma has been found on the floor or something awful. Furthermore, I don't want her to wait until we buy our next house and have no room for her and Gpa and aunt. That's a lot of people in a 3 bedroom. I don't want my family split up. In case u haven't guessed as yet, yes I'm an only child and yes family is very important to me.