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                  i have some big issues with my mom. i love her dearly but she just turned 75 and shes very religious. that is not a bad thing but sometimes she expects me to be like her . i read books on how to have a better relationship with her but its hard. she preaches and tells me i shouldnt go to any church but the catholic one. i think this is my life------------right?

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Yes you should be happy. And if its any consolation...in finding your blessings on this one...At least church is all she pushs your buttons about. It could be worse. You could have MY MOM! smh...She constantly tells me I said things, insane goofy stuff, that I never said. Tonight I googled mom issues becuz she swears I told her to "never ever go in grandmas closet at the resthome again!" I have no recollection on this but her and dad swear I went "ballistic about it" Now why do I not remember that AT ALL??? I think shes slipping and I have my hands full with grandma...Trade ya? lol

You're absolutely right but we only have one mother. Cherish every day, even if you have to bite your tongue. Some people don't have that chance and wish the did. I'm fortunate to have a great mom but my best friend lost hers when we were in our early 20's. She misses her every day. Although she has my mom, no one can take your mom's place.