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When I first started dating my husband my future mother-in-law then really liked me and told my husband that I was the first woman he had been with that she approved of and liked.  Well since we had just started dating I did not know much about his past life with this woman.  Now I know and I do not like her.  She is very manipulative for one and loves to play head games.  She has gone so far as coming to my house and while visiting telling me I should really change the dish soap I was using because it is not what she used when my husband was a child.  I just blew her off and ignored the comment.  She has caused so many countless arguments between my husband and I.  When she started driving a Semi she came to visit us more often.  My husband would know she was coming and ask me to tell her that he was in the field (since he was a soldier at the time) or something so she would not come to the house.  When she did come to the house and got to see my husband after she left and also before she came my husband and I would argue so bad.  I can't stand the woman.  When I started driving a Semi the place we had to park our trucks when I was home and when she came to visit was hard to get a tractor/trailer in.  She would drop her trailer at a truck stop and just bob tail to our house.  Well my very first time coming home with my tractor/trailer I did not drop the trailer and my husband took pictures of me pulling into the place we had to park on post and pulling out of it.  He sent the pictures to his mother.  She threw a temper tantrum and would not talk to him for two weeks.  She could not understand how a rookie could out drive her.  The last time she came to our house all hell broke loose.  She was telling me the way I should be cleaning and running my house and I had, had enough and I lost it.  Now I am very easy going but when I have had enough I blow and boy do I blow.  I told her just what I thought of her and told her this is my house and you are my guest and if you don't like the way I do things then just don't come around.  I also told her it was sad that whenever she would come to visit her son's they would always try to hide or come up with an excuse not to see her.  She jumped out of my husbands Jeep and got up in my face jumping up and down and screaming at me.  I just stood there and watched her while calling the MP's to have her thrown out of my yard.  When the MP's got there this 60 year old woman is still jumping up and down and screaming and I am just standing there with my arms folded watching her.  The MP's asked who is the adult here?  My husband took her back to her truck and a few hours later called me to see if it was safe for him to come home.  I told him yeah I don't have a problem with you.  He says are we going to argue when I get home and I told him no I had nothing more to say to him about it.  Well when he got home he hugged me and he told me he was so proud of me for standing up to him mother.  I told him I should not have ever had to stand up to your mother you should have.  See this woman wants to manipulate you and control everything you do.  If she cannot then she does not like you.  Now we have met her a couple of times at the truck stop and actually had really nice visits with her because my husband also finally put his foot down with her and told her she is my wife and I love her and I am not leaving her for you are no body.  This woman would even send my husband money for a bus ticket to send me home when we were arguing.  Well it has been an off and on relationship with my husband and his mother for the past two years now and it has finally come to an end.  Her other son and daughter-in-law also won't have anything else to do with her.  Don't feel sorry for her because she brought it on her on self.  These two boys had such a miserable childhood.  Moving around from man to man with their mother and never really having any attention from her.  Maybe one day she will realize this and change her ways.  I have also lost respect for her for the fact she only dates married men that have money to give her.  The last falling out that ended the relationship between her and my husband was she used to work for the company I work for and has many friends higher up in this company.  Several of those friends can get on the computer for her and have me tracked to let her know where we are.  I called my personal office and told them and had a stop put to it.  Also it is illegal for these people to be doing this so now some of her so called friends are under investigation for this and they could lose their jobs over it.  The last straw though was my company had a truck high jacked about two months ago and for us all to be on the look out of it but not to approach it.  My husband sent his mom a text message and told her since she is a truck driver too and could also pass it on to her company.  Well the next morning she sent us this odd message that the driver had been arrested and the truck was being towed to the terminal.  My husband sent her a message back.  What?  She said yeah the driver went nuts and tried to run over a bunch of people and they stopped him.  My husband asked her where the hell did you come up with that ****.  That started the fight.  She said her friend at my company was giving her a play by play since he was involved in this high speed chase and was letting her know everything that was happening.  My husband told her that is not even what happened and I don't know who you are talking to but they are wrong.  Well she blew up and out of no where said she would have my job.  She was calling her friends right now and I would be out of a job.  Now wait a minute I did not even have anything to do with this and she was threatening to have my job.  I called my dispatcher and told him what was going on and he told me not to worry about it.  Well the last message my husband sent to his mother that day was ***** you are dead to me.  Don't ever contact me again.  She has not contacted us since and what little her other son hears from her he says just the mention of my husbands name to her sets her off.  Now about a week ago I went through this terminal where she is supposedly good friends with everyone there and we have to stop at the guard shack going in and out.  Well coming out the guard asked called me and my husband by name and said I will be right back.  My husband and I looked at each other.  When he came back out he said he was a friend of our mothers.  I said oh yeah that's good.  I could tell he was baiting us to get us to say something but we never did.  He said well I will have to give her a call and tell her I saw you two.  Oh boy will that be a mistake on his part. Well it has been kind of nice not being under watch by her and because she is out of our lives my husband and his brother have become a lot closer and getting stronger there.  Yep she would come between those two all the time too.  My husband has also started calling other family members he has not heard from in a while and finding out that messages he has given his mother to give them has never gotten to them.  One of his relationships I try to get him to continue is with his Uncle who is a very, very dear man.  He is a Vietnam vet and has never been married and since my husband has started talking to him he is finding out about a bunch of manipulation and lies that has been going on for a very long time.  We also found out that one of his other Uncles came through Arkansas and tried to find us to visit us right after we had moved into our new home and called his sister my husband's mother to get our address or phone number which she told him she did not have which was bull **** she had them.  I don't know what this woman's problem is but I hope she wakes up one day and it is not to late.  Another thing that bothers my husband is the fact that she will never except my kids as her grand kids or our new grand baby.  She talks about her other son's boy but never ours.  Her other son's boy is his step son but has only known him as a father since he was a baby. 

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Mother-in-law is back in our lives but she is behaving herself. I don't know what she is up to but her and I are getting along and she is actully getting onto my husband for some of the things he does or says to me. When he complains to her about me lately she says well I feel sorry for your wife because I know how you are. lol She has been back in our lives now for about a year. She is even thinking about switching to the company I am with. As long as we can get along I don't have a problem with her. I think losing her son for a while might have bothered her and she is trying to behave herself. Even gave us some money about a month ago and told us to get a hotel room on her and get out of that truck for a couple of days. lol

Glad you stood up to the old broad,,Bravo! It's amazing how ONE person can try to screw up sooo many lives, and not feel an ounce of remorse. I'm lucky, my mother in law is a gem,, In fact, I call HER when her son is being a pain my butt,, and she understands and lets him have it,, lol... Sometimes we just HAVE to cut people out of our lives in order to keep our sanity. I applaud you and your husband!!!