I Will Never Understand Why You Did It.

I hid behind the old couch while you had sex with every man I knew. I was four.

You left me with the "babysitter" where I spent all day five days a week in an RV bathtub being touch and told stories about witches and vampires who punish little girls who tattle.

You yelled all the time.

You drove away with me on the roof of your car. I was five days old.

You locked me under the stairs, under the sink, and in an old back room so you could leave.

You brought him into our home and destroyed everything before you left for good. There wasn't one thing left unturned.

You never visited.

You spent the Christmas money from my grandpa on yourself when you knew I lived in such poverty without you that I never knew the tooth fairy.

You lied to me about my father.

You left me with a bitter angry man and you never came back.

I have never had anyone to talk to about girl things.

I will never forget the hate in your eyes when you looked at me.

I do not know how you can live with yourself.

I ate Spam at Thanksgiving.

I have never known maternal affection.

I was only an infant.

I used to be innocent.

You took that from me.

Was it worth it?
brokenbambola brokenbambola
18-21, F
Aug 2, 2010