She Is Lost

I feel so bad for her, but seriously I can't be her emotional punching bag any longer.

My mom is going through a lot, I totally understand that, I just wish she would not be so hateful and mean towards me.

She has done this for years, but lately it's been so bad :(

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6 Responses Mar 6, 2011

I totally get where your coming mom is the same way.It's gotten to the point now,where I'm ready to cut all ties and have no contact with her ever again.Somehow every problem she has ever had is somehow my fault ,not hers.I feel cutting her out of my life is my only option.Once that happens I can never undo it as she'll make herself the victim and the bad person.

My mother loves to constantly tell me about her life problems, I can't make them go away... they are HER problems. As an adult it is horrible to come home from university and listen to her just talk on and on about how bad things are for her. Yes it is rather childlike. She doesn't try to solve her problems just moans about it and doesn't realise how socially unacceptable it is to discuss her problems (like debt worries, like a failed marriage, can't get a better job) in great detail in public. My boyfriend has to meet this and I am worried she will scare him off with her bag of issues that really he does not wish to know about.

From what you told I can relate. My mother acts like such a jerk and always lashes her anger out on other people-Not physically though she isn't an abusive parent. BUT SHE blows up about every little thing and is like a 5 year old with a temper tantrum. Its like blah blah blah this and blah blah blah that. She tends to yell and get angry alot at times when things don't go her way or so. Ya know sometimes she thinks I'm immature, BUT WE all know who the real immature one is in the family. I mean I am 23 years old and I am growing quite well as an adult and I CANNOT stand her always being the negativity of the house hold with her negative vibes messing with my good vibes ya know. She thinks she is the boss of the house, but she shouldn't act like a slave driver to tell people to do stuff-I MEAN we are independent people as well. Sure she is 54 and on her menopause, BUT It wouldn't kill her once to loosen up and be more friendly. I mean sure she is an average, so so person, BUT IT wuldn't hurt her to take a chill pill and relax ya know.

It stinks when the one person you can reasonably expect to be loving is so hateful. <br />
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*hugs Chroni*

I'm sorry to hear that, sweetie. My mother has always been a rather self centered woman, so I guess nothing she says or does ever surprises me.

Awww that sucks =/