She Expects Too Much.

Somedays, we're fine. We can get along, joke around and love each other like mothers and daughters should. But on most not we,ut she is always in my hair. Telling me this, telling me that, nag nag nag. Sure I love my mom, but she has to give me some space!
I'm normally a straight A student, and I try to work hard to keep achieving those marks every term. Take last year, for instance. I got a B+ on my report card. For most people, they would be proud of that mark, I was devistated and wanted to rip the report.I would have been proud of the mark, but it was my mother I was worried about. My father is down-to-earth and doesn't make you feel bad about getting lower marks, just encourages for a better mark the next time. My mother however, is an entirely different person. She'll rage on and on about how horrible your grade was and make you feel horrible, never asking for your imput. She could litterally go on for hours about one lousy mark!
So anyways, my mom picked me up that afternoon. When I got in the car she asked how I did. Not wanting to lie I told her I didn't get straight A's. She laughed it off and took the report. When she saw it she FLIPPED. A half hour drive to downtown was all it took for her to show how mad and dissapointed she was, I started crying!
So that's kind of how it is for any mark I get. If I get anything lower than an A, even an A-, she flips. I know she wants me to do well so I can get a good education for the job I want, but she makes me so nervous to show her anything! So normally, if more than three questions are wrong on a test, show them to my dad in fear of what my mom will say about them.
She just seems to jump to conclusions easily. She will always suspect that I know everything that goes on around the house because I'm the oldest. She assumes I should clean my siblings mess', and always know what they're doing at all times. Liek I don't have enough to look after with myself!
I don't trust her. She can be an amazing mother, I know, but I just can't trust her. She is always talking about others, family, friends whatever. Any family secret will be out in a matter of days. She can say she keeps secrets, that she doesn't tell a soul. But eveything that comes from anyones mouth will be announced to my father, who carries it on.
Sinse she gets mad so easily at anything, I fear what she'll think or say about anything I do. Her imput is ruining her relationship with me. We can be just fine for a week or so, then she gets worked up about my sibling putting cat food on the floor or whatever else and blame me. That's how our arguments always start, from her nagging. Maybe if she didn't complain so much, and respect how importants secrets are for trust, I'd let her in to my private life, my life I've never let her or anyone else into before.
One time, we went to the SPCA with my two siblings. I loved one cat there, and begged her to get him (which we did about a month later). Afterwards, we went to a restuarant and she told two waitresses what had happened! About me begging and everything!
She always talks about how she talks to her friends and family about us. How great we are, she makes it seem like we're perfect, which is far from reality. If I screwup she'll tell her friends and family, giving me a bad rep.
Our whole family took a trip in December and I missed a lot in school. I know my grades are probably going down and I'm so worried about how my mother will react to my new report card. I cannot wait to move out, get my own place. Shut her out so I can hear no more complaining. But for now I'm thirteen, and it sucks.
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My parents are the exact same way

Hey, I know what you are going through but here me out. I am fourteen right now but it has been almost five years since my mother suddenly died. We fought constantly. Take advice from me, no matter what happens love your mother. The last day my mom was alive we fought and the last thing I said to her was "I hate you." Don't ever be like me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret that phrase. My other piece of advice; just talk to her. Don't go into it trying to pick a fight, no yelling, just sit back and tell her how you feel about it. She loves you and she will want to work it out with you.

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's been a while since I've wrote this, and I've realized that she doesn't do that just to be mean or hurt me, it's for my own good. I definitely get mad, but all in all I do love her, and thank you for making me realize I should.

So much the same with me. About grades. And that I don't let her in my private life. But not because she would tell my secrets but because she would turn them against me...

OMFG!!! SAME THING HERE!! but im 14 goin on 15 and everyday i remind her that i onli have 3 years with her. This ishow i look at things educational wise: the better my GPA is the better the chance of me getting into a college AWAY from her. that way i can prove to her that im not sum kid that takes everything for granted and that i can be somebody.Ure lucky thoe.mi father doesnt live with us and we get into arguements about like LOOK LADY i didnt hav anything to do with your failed marriage so dnt eat me out about how poor of a husband he was to u then.and if i did say that id be being "disrespectful" smh its gnna be better wen i move.that way we can hav the mother-daughter relationship ive always wanted :'(