Mommy Dearest

Yes, I actually have my mother listed as that in my mobile. I'm not going to even attempt to say that I'm the perfect daughter, because that would be a blatant lie. I'm a teenager, too young to get a job, so I work on my family's farm and hope that soon I'll be able to get a minimum wager with "Hardworking farm girl" On my resume. However according to my mother, I am the least hardworking person ever. I will get this over with. Mommy Dearest thinks she has this sort of entitlement because she's raised five kids, two of which are now out of the house. I get it, she worked hard, she had it tough, but honestly, she brought quite a bit of that onto herself.
Now she has her dream farm, the place she's always wanted, and she's angry at me for not sharing her GRINDING enthusiasm. Excuse me. Where was the excitement when I won three writing contests in one month? Where was the excitement when I went to nationals in archery? Well actually that excitement only came when she got to take me to Louisville and bet on horses all day while I shot. She can't accept that I have very few of the same interests as her. I love how she tells me I'm shallow, selfish and lazy when I spend nearly every waking moment trying to appease my many advanced and honors classes at school. When she finally took me to a therapist for various issues, she stated that we had an absolutely FANTASTIC relationship. Apparently I talk to her about things (Not one bit) and she tells me things I need to know (SHE NEVER STOPS TALKING!) and of course the therapist believed this. Mother thinks I just sit in my room and fantasize about killing myself and pretend to be depressed because I think I'll get attention that way. We are supposed to be a nice happy upper middle class family with a farm, which makes me look like the spoiled brat who won't lift a finger if her life depends on it and blames her mother for everything.
Whose fault is it that we moved in the middle of nowhere away from my friends?
Whose fault is it that my room is an unfinished wreck?
Whose fault is it that I have to plan out everything I do with friends because I live forty-five minutes away?
Whose fault is it that I can no longer babysit to sustain my interests?
Other side effects of this lovely move thanks to my mother, is that I'm getting sick more. Of course, according to her, this is just a ploy to get out of working and not go to school. And of course, her word is law. I'm not allowed to be correct around her. She wonders why I'm so quiet then get so loud, its because I have no opinion worth hearing and shouting is the only way to get through to her. She enjoys making me believe I'm destined for failure and that I'm ugly the way I am (overweight and zits) I already do that enough to myself. I really hate school, but I don't want summer vacation to come. She won't let me go to summer school either, when I need to get a PE credit in, and don't want to waste an elective that could go to a more useful class that isn't available during summer. My grandparents gave me money for my passport, but she pocketed the money and won't take me to get it. I can't drive, because she won't let me get my permit. Then she goes on about how I can't be independent. Of course I'm not! It isn't my fault I can't drive, and I'm not old enough to get a job! I have nowhere to go. I know, its not the most horrifying story of child neglect and abuse you've ever seen, but it's my grim reality. School. Please don't end.
JustLazyLittleMe JustLazyLittleMe
18-21, F
May 11, 2012