Ruined My Life

my mother has ruined my whole intire life. she married a man that beat her and mollested me then when they slit up she turned to drugs and alcohol i had to raise me and my brother. we grew up on oodles and noodles almost everyday bc she either wasnt there bc she was doing drugs or passed out. she used to date guys that always did all of us wrong then blamed us if they split up. it wasnt our fault she chose bad guys that only wanted her for one thing. she even used to prostitute i dont know if she still does or not but i do know that she comes home with alot of money and has no job. when i was little i used to look up to my mother until i realized what type of person she is. all she does is ruin peoples lifes over and over again. i hope that i never turn out like that. i will never do the things that she has done. she did crack, coce, pot alcohol and i dont know what else. i love her because she is my mother but i have no respect for her. she even told me she is never going to my wedding. im only getting married once so it means alot to me. she even got my own father to say hes not going how messed up is that? im just so tired of it im done with her.
mimibubbles2011 mimibubbles2011
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012