Why Is She Like This With Me?

I don't know what the problem is. For the past few years (I only remember that in the past 4 but my BF said that small problems started earlier, she remembers I told her about them... one thing is certain: it got worse in the past 3-4 years) me and my mother always argue.
It started with small things, but I don't exactly remember them. Than the main problem became that she didn't like that I was dancing. I have trainings twice a week in the evening. I started dancing when I was 4, so do a little math. I'm 16 now, this is the 13th year that I'm dancing. We moved 6 years ago, so I have to travel about 40 minutes to go to trainings. She wants me to stop it. I love it, and I don't ever wanna stop it! But when I ask her why, she never gives the same answer. S
ometimes she says, that she doesn't like that I'm on the street late. ( I come home 8 pm on Tuesday and 9pm on Friday, so it's not even that late.)
Another time she says that she doesn't like my trainer. She always tells bad things about her when I can hear it. I love the trainer, all my life, she has always been there for me, whenever and whatever my problem was. I hate hearing my mother saying that she is a ***** and everything (last week she did the same with my Italian teacher too).
Than another time she said that she hates that I have performances and competitions with the group. She can't appreciate it. We won the European Championship last year, so we are not bad at all.
She never compliments me, always tells bad things about me. I'm an almaost straight A student, I only had B in Math in the last 2 years (first and second year of high school). But I never hear a good word from her. She is not like this with my brother, who is an average student. He started horse-riding this year ( he is 14). My mother is always supportive when it comes to my brother. With me, it's the opposite. And I have to do everything to help my brother in everything. The world is about him.
And my mother always tells me, I'm never at home. I have school until 3pm and I wlways go home straight because she never lets me go anywhere. So I arrive home at 4. I usually don't study or only a little, because I don't need it. But she always finds out stuff that I have to do, so I can't study even if I have to... So she says I'm never at home. It is not true. Apart fro school and the 2 trainings a week I'm nearly always at home. She never lets me go anywhere, saying that I should spend time at home with my family. I can understand if she doesn't wanna let me go to a disco, but why can't I spend a day with my bet friend, or practise for an upcoming performance with my class? (we have one every year).
And why can't she ever compliment me?
These are only the main problems, there are a lot, and the whoe situation is a lot more complicated and can't be written only in a whole book. But one thing is true: in the evenings I always and up crying in my room and sometimes even during the day.
My father works abroad. Usually he isn't at home for months. First I thought this was my mothe's problem. But now my father has been at home for momths and tings are the same. And she is always arguing with my father too. I know he has to feel too that there is a problem, but he won't tell anything.
I'm counting the days. I have 448. than I'll be 18 and I can get out of here. But I can't take it until then. Why is my mother like this and what can I do about it?
DorothyDancer DorothyDancer
18-21, F
Oct 31, 2012