My mom is picking a fight with my dad.
It amuses me, because it's the same sort of **** I've pulled when I feel like getting into a fight with someone online.

My dad asked how long the capers have been in the fridge. "Why? Was the label hard to get off of the bottle?" she said.

"No" my dad said.
"Well, why did you ask?" she said.
I said to myself "Maybe because he was just curious."
"Uh, because the label was tough to get off." he said.
"Suuuuure, I don't buy that." she said.
"Because I was curious." he said.
"Why were you curious?" she said.
"Because I hadn't seen it in there." he said.
"There's a bottle of lime juice in there, in one of those little squeeze bottles." she said.
"Okay, so why are you telling me this?" he said.
"It's on the same shelf as the capers. It seemed important to you." she said.
He then searched as she said "The shelf below the butter" he searched around "below the butter I said!" she said.

He went out into the garage and she said..."What a stupid...stupid conversation" and I thought.. You were the one who continued it.
JUST like I do to people! I could just drop it, she could've just dropped it, but we both carry it on, to have a trivial stupid dramatic conversation. Usually I do it to get a rise out of the other person.

This is why her and I don't get along.
We're too much alike.
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Yeah but you need to learn to get along with her, one day she will no longer be here and you will hate looking back and realizing that you guys never had much of a relationship bc you were nasty to her and fought all the time. Bottom line, if it was not for her you would NOT be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was nasty to her? Sweetheart, you have no idea. You're right, I wouldn't be here, there are many a days I wish she didn't have kids.

Okay, my first response to this story was: You could write sitcom out of that material. After reading another one of your stories, it seems like more of a family drama. :(

It's okay. :) A lot of it is to the point of being comical.