Vicodin Rage- Refuses Rehab

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my story "Today I had to throw her out". She is, currently, sleeping on my Grandmothers couch. I still cannot be near her, or even hear her voice without going through my own rage. All of the pent up, childhood, emotions still come rushing forth and I now realize that she is someone that I am close to actually hating. She is bullying my Grandmother, who is 78, to take her through the streets of the ghetto looking for pain pills. She refuses to look for a job, clean up after herself or anything else. The only thing she actually works to get is pills. I can only yell at her over the answering machine to let her know that it is coming to an end.

I called her Doctor, only to learn he is out of the office until Dec. 18. I was told that the Doctor made sure all of his patients had enough medication to last while he was out, since there was not another Doctor seeing his patients. Yesterday was her appointment to get more pills. I guess she didn't pay attention when they told her she had an extra 10 days worth. My Grandmother called me and told me that she was on a rage. At that time, she snatched the phone from my Grandmother and yelled "Did you call my Doctor???". I told her yes, that I didn't get to speak with him because he is out of town. I also told her that they said there was enough medication to cover the time he was gone. She started screaming "DONT CALL MY DOCTOR, DONT CALL MY DOCTOR". I told her to get help. She screamed that it was my fault that she had to see a pain management doctor now. I lost my mind at that moment, reminded her that when she last saw her Doctor, Nov. 7, that she was told she had to see a pain management Doctor. I screamed at her "How is it my fault after the fact?? You knew this day was coming. You need help!". She hung up on me.

I am seriously worried about the safety of my Grandmother during her rage. She yells at her, bullies her and has no respect whatsoever. She told my Grandmother that she hopes that I "experience the same kind of pain". There is a huge difference between me and her, the addict: I would use my prescription to treat the pain and would go to every appointment to stop the pain. What does she do? Takes all of her pills in days & suffers the rest of the month until she can get some off the street. She has cancelled the rest of her appointments until she gets a refill. I am not letting her Doctor off the hook. If there is legitimate pain, prescribe something else & cut her off until she sees pain management & gets the testing needed to properly diagnose.
BoogieLove BoogieLove
31-35, F
Dec 5, 2012