I Know What Im Doing Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok guys, now those of you with add/adhd some of us have different ways of doing stuff like homework and stuff. 2nd quarter was really a pain in the A** for me mostly because first I had an elleergic reaction(missed one week) and one week later I got this fever(missed one week) I usually get stuff done but my mom wont get off of my case about it. she doesn't understand that I have adhd and am working my ******* *** off trying to complete my work. well that quarter passed and I just got one F because during those times I was sick and MOST EVERYONE KNOWS HOW HARD IT IS TO FOCUS ON a PROJECT THAT U WERE SICK FOR 2 Weeks FOR IS WHILE TRYING TO FINISH THE CURRENT WORK. Now I've got only one effin assignment missing and my moms all pissed off bout it. I told her it will take more than one day to finish but she expects me to do it all in one day.

IM FREAKIN MAD BECAUSE she doesn't realize ive got a short fuse and she starts to yell at me. she also thinks my ps3 is part of the problem but its not. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
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I understand that parents can be difficult and sometimes seem like they are not understanding at all. and maybe your mom should give you a little more room to breathe, but 1st you've got to stop with the excuses. Everyone gets sick, and everyone has things that pop up in their lives. But not everyone fails. You've got to take responsibility for this. Yes you were sick, I'm sure you realized you had missed a couple things. You should have knocked out all your missing assignment immediately. Dedicate a day to finishing that assignment and stop using your add/adhd as an excuse. Your mom wants you to succeed, and if your ps3 isn't a problem..prove that its not and don't play it.
GOOD LUCK! YOU'VE GOT THIS! you can do it! stay positive and get it done and out of the way!