I Guess Its Not Uncommon

My mother and me fight all the time nothing stops it anymore I can't stand her and the way she is. She drinks and abuses me emotionally and has tried to physically a couple of times. It all started when I was about five or six. Before the custody battle there were a couple of men in her life that weren't very good for her children to be around.The worst was j****. I don't remember all of my childhood but I remember enough to know when that man was around I wasn't safe. I think the memory I remembered the most was when they started to yell and scream at each other. I remember yelling for them to stop but they wouldn't. I never saw him hit her but im assuming he did because my mom threw me out of the house and told me to go next door and call the police. I've been scared of the dark ever since then. I do have a little respect for her for getting me out of there instead of having me watch the whole thing and letting me get hurt. I loose that respect though because she put me in that position at all, she put herself and me in danger. The rest of her boyfriends weren't as bad but they still killed my child hood. My brother remembers everything differently. He's older than me, I kinda think he blocks it out so he'll never have to deal with it. After the custody battle I grew up without him, he moved to another town over the mountains so I rarely saw him. I only liked one of them they were together for years he kept her sane but she ended up tossing him out into the cold also.There are many times where she has favored my brother over me. We're to the point of not talking anymore I've tried to delete her from my life. She has still tried to contact me since I've told her i'm done. She has even offered to buy me a pug (dog i really want) to get me back.
SilverRain583 SilverRain583
18-21, F
Jan 26, 2013