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Seriously, Just Stop.

my mum is like night and and day, she's so nice and caring sometimes and the next, a monster. it's like she was never there the real her. she tells me things to do and when i do them, she is never EVER satisfied with the results. i tell her to stop telling me to everything if she is never satisfied and she starts yelling at me and telling me children like me are ruining the world. what. the fuckk? she tells me to do it but never satisfied with the result. i am nothing to her, we are always fighting. she has to, just has to point out all my flaws and find something wrong with my work to make herself feel better. what kind of mother is she? i admire my mother because all the scarafices she did. but stop taking some sort of revenge on me, all her stress and anger, always on me. god, everythig's so ****** up. she never tries to help or understand what i have  to say. i am just 13 and she expects me to cook and clean the whole damn house! give me a break, will ya? she can't be satisfied with ANYTHING i do or who i am and what i look like. she has to be right and perfect in everything.
CuriousIronButterfly CuriousIronButterfly 13-15, F 1 Response Jan 30, 2013

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I hate when mothers feel like you owe them something because they think they sacrificed something when they had a child. The child never asks to be born, we didn't impregnate them nor we picked the father.
Don't worry- soon you will be 18, you can move out and you won't have to take this anymore.

I wait for that day.