Okay it's kinda like a love-hate relationship. I swear I love her with all my heart, but sometimes it's just like......... UUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I mean both my brothers and me know that the favorite child is my older sister. She gets everything!!!! All the jewelry, cute things, and all the money and house goes towards her.
So let's give my older sister a name, let's call her Anna. Now Anna has a "dancer" career. She attends a school for the arts, which we will call School for Overachievers (SFO). Now SFO is a school for people such as artist, singers, photographers, and dancers. Now the tuition, let's round down, is about $5,000 a year. Now my mom, a single mother, makes about $200 a week per child (daycare provider), she has three kids now. That's about $2,400 a month. And all you adults know expenses such as food, mortgage, and a whole bunch of other crap. Now my mother still has to buy Anna supplies such as leotards, pointe shoes, anything Anna needs!!!!! Now let's not forget the summer intensives (dance camp) that my mother must pay for, and how much it cost for supplies, travel,
Actual cost, and etc. Which, let's round out to about $6000-$7000. And we mustn't ignore the enormous wardrobe Anna has. Which takes much more than half the room space. Like seriously, Anna uses a freakin bookshelf for her heels!!!! HER HEELS!!!!!! But sadly, I can not get another bookshelf for Anna must use that space for her childhood dollhouse where she stores who knows what??? Anna has claimed the vanity in the corner of the room, where she piles all of her stuff and places her little knick knacks. And it's pretty hard not to notice all the posters on every wall of the room. Where instead I only have a certain amount of posters in small corner of the room. Literally i have a freAKIN CORNER IN THE ROOM WITH ALL MY STUFF!!!!!! Oh and I forgot to mention that my aunt gifted Anna with $200 to have pocket money for her little dance camp. She used this money to buy cute shirts, jewelry, go on trips to the beach, ya know stuff normal people do. While I'm sitting here, haven't even gotten a pair of shoes for school. Mind you, school starts next week. Yet, my older brother needed money for a car so he could drive to work (which he ended up paying for himself), and my little brother sits at home all day, bored out of his mind. But Anna is at dance camp, having the BEST time of her life!!!! But we are expected to not have a theory that she is the favorite. Mind you, everything healthy in the house, such as granola, yogurt, or any healthy looking snacks belong to her. Since Anna is a "Dancer", she most be the only one who likes healthy stuff, right??? I mean, that's the only possible explanation right??? Yet, we are expected to eat McDonalds and Pizza everyday and be perfectly fine with it. My mom buys things for my sister to make lunch with, EVEN THOUGH SHE GETS LUNCH FOR FREE AT SCHOOL!!!!!! But no, since she is a dancer, she must have the best lunch...... Like seriously?!? We all know there are healthy options there but she is just a spoiled *****. I swear sometimes I wish she would just mysteriously disappear one day. Which then I immediately take back cause she is my sister and I HAVE to "love" her. Then one day I just sat there and wondered why the hell my mother liked her over the rest off us. I mean I try my best in school, never get in trouble, always listen. And then I remembered my mother telling me that she wanted to be a dancer when she was younger. "REALLY!" I thought. SHE IS LIVING HER DREAM THROUGH ANNA. Mind you, the reason Anna even dances is because one day I came home with a flyer for some dance classes (probably in 3rd grade), and I really wanted to go but I didn't want to go alone. So I dragged my sister along. I danced for maybe 2 or 3 years. Then quit cuz I was bored. The teacher based your level on age, not skill. So I was in the same class for about 3 years learning the same thing over and over. I got bored and quit. But my sister stayed and still dances. But yet, if we ever try to argue or if we call Anna selfish we get in trouble. I swear I'm at the breaking point. I mean APPARENTLY IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH, I guess being smart doesn't matter anymore. I'm so done being the good child, the one who always listen, never gets in trouble at school. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, if I start acting like a *****, I MIGHT GET ATTENTION ASWELL. I mean, I've tried everything else!!!!! If you ain't pay attention to me before, your gonna haVE TO PAY ATTENTION NOW!!!! I guess this is how I'm gonna have to act. U kno, start cursing, talking back, getting detention!!!!! Ya...... Whatever.

I'm not complaining about this. I'm not complaining about my life and how bad it is or about how much I hate my life. I just felt like I really needed to get this out or it would have been pint up inside me and the anger would've caused me to do something I regretted.
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haha yeah, I know how you feel. It doesn't really get better as time passes, but you get used to it and you hope it becomes better. It'll probably become better after high school. The less you see your parents, the less problems arise.