It was my birthday a few weeks ago. Three days after my birthday,i received a call on am unknown number. I let the call go to voice Mail and it was my birth mother calling to wish me a happy birthday three days late. She must have gotten the number from my brother because we haven't spoken in at least a decade. We've never communicated well. We haven't been in the same room together more that twice in the last 49 years. Yet she did at least try to reach out to me. I can't seem to get past anger to any forgiveness on the matter. Family always brings out the best and the worst in you.
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At least she tried to reach out to you which means she thinks of you and misses you. Families can be complicated but it doesn`stop people caring about each other in each family.Even if they stop communicate; their hearts still in the right place with love and care for each other but anger can blind people and stop them from listening to their hearts.
Anyway, it is kind of late but happy birthday and I hope things work out between you and your mother for the best.

Sitting with you.

It's easier said than done to get past the anger. Just ask yourself this: "how is holding on to this anger serving me?" Sometimes it's okay to just love people from a distance. I had a whole lot of mom issues when she was alive so I understand.