My Beautiful Son, Please Change Your Mind!

She has an Ivy League education, but the social skills of a goat (my apologies to all goats!) /She will find any way she can to exclude me from my son's life. it's all about her, all the time. She is in grad school- he works. He supports her. He cleans for her, does the laundry, chauffers her around, puts up with her obnoxious sisters, supports her financially. How did she find such a man? Easy .. . I RAISED HIM, and she got lucky. He is a very gentle soul, a true innocent. He is trusting to the point of being naive, and he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Let's see: how about the time Nick's father and sister went to see him perform in a play, and as they approached the theater, there she was, talking with her sister. She spotted her future father in law and sister in law walking towards her and . . . goes back to talking to talking to her sister!How about the time that she and her sister were invited for Thanksgiving dinner, and as my son's brother shows a slide show of his trip across the country with his children, she and the sister flap their jaws at each other all the way through it. How about another dinner, where she puts some morsel of food into her mouth, and then retches and spits it back out onto the plate. how about every time she comes vfor a visit, she comes down with a migraine? How about deciding to spend 3500 on a site for the wedding, and then decides that she can ask friends to bring the food. How about picking out an engagement ring that looks like it came from a gumball machine?How about exerting her will over my sons to the point that Idon't know who I'm talking to sometimes?I know we don't choose who we fall in love with, but the way i see it, he has fallen in love and she has hit paydirt. There's more. They moved into an apt together with another couple. All the room in the closet goes for her clothes. He gets to use an amoire in a room off of the living room. He gets a new car. Hers is mysteriously in an accident the day after he gets it and now she just uses his. THere'l be more as time goes on. Please, please, please let him see the light before this wedding happens!

soozee soozee
Feb 21, 2009