Dear God!

I am an excessive talker! I talk and talk, but I have the decency of shutting up when I feel that the other party doesn't want to participate! I hope I don't offend people!

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Dearest NedMarchplar, thanks for the beautiful explanation, well spoken.<br />
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I believe you are right and I always stop talking when I think I am boring.<br />
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Thank you again for the comment

Yes, we even talked about thieves, best places to shop, tourist attractions, her husband and kids, of course I was not married at that time! and everything she said I understood! though I only know really few worlds of Italian.

I have tried that! it works. Once in Italy, I was lost and a lady helped me in sign language, we understood each other perfectly, and even in that situation I talked a lot! and of course she did too!<br />
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It was great, thanks for adding that.

Dearest Dubious One,<br />
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I know exactly what you mean, of course speaking another language takes a bit longer, but never the less, I have to explain myself in all languages, and even use drawings and body language!<br />
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Thank you very much for the comment

I am an excessive talker and writer in all languages I can speak fluently, which would be 3! but even those languages that I know only a world of, I don't mind using it!

Mahsa ,<br />
do you find you talk more in English because the culture allows for it and you don't in other languages?<br />
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When I was in Japan, I was a motor mouth in English BUT when I used Japanese, I become a reserved woman.

Maybe, then I would be a freak!! because I talk and write a lot!! excessive in both worlds.

Actually my Mom and Dad used to tell me to stop talking (shut up!) but I couldn't!! so they started ignoring me! LOL.<br />
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Never stop talking in my presence, I love talking and nothing makes me feel more alive!<br />
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Thank you very much Duchess

Thank you Real Genius, I think glue is not the best answer! may be a passionate kiss from her husband when she talks too much would do the work!

@ peedee Dog: thank you I lobe talking to you, I don't want to lose that<br />
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@ Damascus: Nice rule, but sometimes I get overexcited and forget all the rules, I'll try to keep that in mind thank you.

This counts for guy-guy talk, increase the duration with girl-girl talk XD<br />
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If the other person isn't absolutely amazed with what you're saying, you shouldn't talk without stopping (letting them say something) for more then 2-3 mins when talking to good friends, and about a 30secs-minute with people you've only recently met.

Keep talking Mahsa! Your an interesting talker to ME!!

But I just joined the group that have issues with that!! I guess I asked for it.

I'm ok with excessive talkers. But, when they talk and don't really say anything...It gets tiring after awhile.

why offending?i think everone does that